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Xavoo is a web design and leading provider of IT services in Dubai, UAE. We offer web design and development services to companies worldwide. We are a leader in providing custom design and web development, custom software development, web application development, coding and SEO services in UAE. Our strength is in our best knowledge of the various industry sectors and this helps us value our customers worldwide. We are known for offering low cost solutions and high-quality business that meets international standards.


Xavoo is lead Website Designing Company wants to serve you with a complete web development and channel solution through its network of development of B2B and B2C sites in UAE and abroad. We are a website development and web design and excellent service company, since last one decade. Our web packages are included, web development, web design, web design portfolio, logo design, brochure design and development, catalog design, website design static design, dynamic website, B2B website development, website development B2C e-commerce development and SEO services known as Search Engine Optimization.