Web App Development

Xavoo is known for developing web applications or solutions that are very complex, data-intensive and intensive control applications requiring support for high traffic, since time immemorial. We at Xavoo believe it is very important to provide the latest and best technology to be used to build best web application development solutions. We believe that a solution can be developed in multiple technologies, but the selection of the right technology keeps both the present and the future in mind is of utmost importance. Our technical team has competently in all web technologies. Our team has extensive experience available with all the latest technologies and capabilities on the market.



As open source technologies have developed at a faster rate in recent years Xavoo as an Open Source Technologies a has adjusted in order to adapt to innovation and adapt them according to the needs of customers needs and requirements. Our experience is that it is sometimes very useful for open source technologies in the software solutions development because of various advantages offered by the technology, such as low cost, scalability and integration of high level of flexibility

Based on our extensive experience in integrating open source technologies Xavoo offers the most efficient solution possible for fulfilling your needs. Our programmers are skilled in performing Open Source software integration with all kinds of operating systems (Windows , Linux , etc. ) , middleware ( Oracle , DB2 , Web Sphere , php , html5 etc. ) and back-office applications ( billing , CRM , experienced etc. . ) . Xavoo offers a full range of Open Source development-related services including migration of existing systems to open frameworks and development based on Open Source personalized. These services can be provided as part of a larger design or a single service.

We make sure that your solution goes through the implementation with  more efficient technologies and up-to -date open source  services available . Our process of development and deployment are state of the art , using proven methodologies and highly efficient techniques . We provide the design and construction of software systems for object-oriented web development for you. If it is a development of a simple website or a website oriented database , the bottom line is that we offer the best .